New minister: Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, turned her life around to focus on church and gospel music, after she was baptized last December. The singer, once known for spicy, explicit songs, says she is at peace with religion in her life.
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The former Dancehall queen has an upcoming album, and it is not about sexual innuendos or a feud — because the lyrics vastly differ from what many knew her to sing as a Dancehall queen.

Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, is a woman reborn. The award-winning Jamaican entertainer no longer sings the raunchy hit makers she is known for. She is only here to sing praises of the Lord and says her loyal fans can expect rejuvenation with her new gospel album, “When God Speaks.”

“Expect to be blessed,” said Hall. “I’m gonna win souls, and people will feel blessed and uplifted.”

Last December, Hall shocked the music industry when she debuted a new and more conservative image after getting baptized. She was no longer donning the colorful wigs or the scantily-clad mini skirts she used to wear. But Hall explains, ‘Lady Saw’ was really a necessity — an escape to free herself from abuse and her rough childhood.

“Every show I did I was ashamed of every song,” said Hall. “I would lift my legs on stage and when I got home I couldn’t sleep — I was demented,” said Hall. “That’s not what I wanted to do, but I had to get my family out.”

Hall emotionally recalls fans, and even some close friends, chastising her when she dropped the Lady Saw title and how she came to accept and move on.

“Some people may think I’m crazy,” said Hall. “As soon as they would recognize me, I would just run off. Because the media disrespected me.”

But the singer no longer aspires to be a Dancehall queen and has fully devoted her life to the church, which she say releases a sense of peace and joy within her.

With an expansive two-decade career in Dancehall, this will be her first gospel album. The new album is as religious, as it is an empowering. The album’s first single “I Had Jesus,” is an empowerment song for women and men who were victims of rape or drug abuse.

“You will feel the anointing all over this album,” said Hall.

She promises her loyal fans that they will still enjoy her gospel career without the saucy lyrics, with a Dancehall-inspired song titled “I’m On Fire For Jesus.”

I want to be remembered as an ambassador for Christ.

Hall wishes for fans to respect her new life venture and wants the world to know she is not putting on an act.

“I was always connected to the Lord — I grew up in church,” said Hall. “I want to be an example for people who are not serving the Lord completely. I want to be remembered as an ambassador for Christ.”

“When God Comes” will be released on July 22.

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Gospel Queen: Marion Hall, the former Dancehall queen, will release her new gospel album “When God Speaks,” on July 22. She talks about fully devoting her life to Christianity.
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