Hair care pioneer Carol Thomas shares entrepreneurial insights, revolutionizing hair care in Black and Brown communities

Owner of ‘Just Because Hair Therapy Salon’ Carol Thomas.
Photo by Tracey Khan

The hair care industry within the black and brown community has emerged into a billion-dollar enterprise, placing increasing importance on embracing natural hair care practices, even amidst the popularity of wigs, extensions, and other creative styling options.

For the past 17 years, Carol Thomas has been at the forefront of this movement with her salon, Just Because Hair Therapy. Often referred to as the “hair care doctor,” Thomas operates her salon as a sanctuary where clients receive personalized attention, creative styling, and expert service to nurture their natural hair.

Some of the creative hairstyles done by 'Just Because Hair Therapy Salon.’
Some of the creative hairstyles done by ‘Just Because Hair Therapy Salon.’Photo by Tracey Khan

 In a recent interview, Thomas shared insights into her approach to hairstyling and the journey that successfully led and kept her in business for the past 17 years.

“I started off doing nails, but I was so drawn to the art of hair care and styling that the people I was working with saw that and gave me a chance, so I started by shampooing hair, which led me to become a business owner.”

Just Because Hair Therapy Salon located at 141 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, NY.
Just Because Hair Therapy Salon located at 141 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Tracey Khan

Located at 141 Carlton Ave. in Brooklyn, NY, Just Because Hair Therapy Salon has become synonymous with excellence in hair care. Thomas approaches each client’s visit like a medical consultation, examining their hair, providing diagnoses, and prescribing tailored treatments to address their needs. Her focus extends beyond mere styling to encompass the long-term health and maintenance of her client’s hair.

Reflecting on her salon’s philosophy, Thomas emphasized the importance of understanding each client’s unique needs. “It’s not just about coming in for a shampoo or a treatment,” she explained. “It’s about getting a prescription-type service tailored to your needs.”

Thomas has earned a reputation for making hair care magic happen throughout her career. Countless women have entrusted their locks to her expertise, experiencing transformations beyond aesthetics. Through Just Because Salon, she offers more than just hair care services; she provides a space where women can feel confident and supported on their journey to healthy, beautiful hair.

Despite the obstacles, Thomas finds immense fulfillment in her work. “The most rewarding part is witnessing the transformation in clients,” she said. “From hesitant and self-conscious to confident and empowered, it’s gratifying to play a role in their journey.”

She encourages and advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to “Stay consistent, stay focused, and leverage the resources available.” With social media and digital marketing, there are endless opportunities to showcase talent and attract clients.

With her commitment to excellence and passion for empowering others, Carol Thomas continues to make a difference in hair care through Just Because Salon, one appointment at a time.

St. Charles Hair care line by 'Just Because Hair Therapy Salon.’
St. Charles Hair care line by ‘Just Because Hair Therapy Salon.’Photo by Tracey Khan

Thomas has curated a hair care line dubbed St. Charles, an homage to her beloved father. The line offers a range of products tailored to diverse hair needs. The line includes a rebuilding hair mask, destress hair lotion, wellness conditioner, night cap hair dress, wellness shampoo, nourishing curl butter, and more. These products are accessible both in her Salon and through her online platform at

To experience the services of Just Because Therapy Hair Salon, you can book an appointment by calling 718-722-7810; you can reach out via Instagram @justbecausehairnyc or on her website at