Reggae artiste, Humbleton.
Jean Jones

Jamaican-born, Queens-based roots reggae artiste Humbleton hopes to make a “Transition” in his life with a new album.

According to Marie Driven, the Haitian American managing partner of the Brooklyn-based PlaybookMG, Humbleton has “decided to officially share a culmination of songs from his body of work since relocating stateside.”

“After releasing several projects in the United States, the entertainer has started to gain more traction domestically, particularly in the New York metro area, and is also reaching new heights of ‘fandom’ in the Caribbean,” said Driven, with Humbleton’s release of “Transition.”

Driven said Humbleton released the single “Rifle” in the fall as a precursor to the album debut.

“The song is a departure from his more notable mellow tunes, and this makes it a standout in terms of energy and rawness,” she said, stating that “a few other tracks from the album were also featured as singles including ‘Future Jamaica’ and ‘Be on the Alert.’”

“These album previews were well received by fans, and his promotion of those singles helped reach an extension to his usual audience,” Driven added. “His tunes excite and engage conscious-minded people that (who) enjoy the exploration of the sincere messaging behind his music.”

With more than 25 years in the music industry, Driven said Humbleton is no stranger to navigating the scene.

She said he started his career in the early ’90s and that he was “both inspired and influenced by some familiar heavyweights like Buju Banton, Terro Fabulous and Bob Marley.”

“As a youth, Humbleton got into singing and dancing,” Driven said, adding: “This was the start of his desire to be an entertainer.”

Humbleton said his ability to create music was developed “just by feeling the rhythm or the beat.”

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