Intimate Concert — Jamaica kicks off 2023

The Intimate Concert - Jamaica at the Plantation Cove in Priory, St. Ann, Jamaica.
The Intimate Concert – Jamaica at the Plantation Cove in Priory, St. Ann, Jamaica.
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The 2023 staging of Intimate Concert — Jamaica has set a high bar for live concerts, as the first show of the year with a stellar lineup, according to the New York-based Destine Media.

The entertainment company said on Jan. 5 that “attracting people from all over the island and the world to come and celebrate great music and each other, Intimate 2023 achieved that and more.”

Taking place at the ostentatious Plantation Cove, in Priory, St. Ann, Jamaica, the Jan. 1, 2023 staging of Intimate “saw a menagerie” from Mitch, Dyani, Medisun, Nittie Kutchie, to the legendary lineup of LUST, Marcia Griffiths, Tarrus Riley and his son Makiem, and the two icons Beres Hammond and Buju Banton, said Ronnie Tomlinson, the Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-based chief executive officer of Destine Media.

She said the audience also received “surprised performances” from Gramps Morgan, who accompanied Buju Banton, and Popcaan, who appeared on stage with Beres Hammond.

“Intimate was the Ultimate,” said Jamaican radio personality, Denise Isis Miller.

Gladstone Taylor said “the success of this concert is significant for many reasons, chief of which is how it impacts the industry of reggae and dancehall in Jamaica.

“Many of the performance stages and events that once nourished the soil of our music are no longer available,” he said. “s a country with so many international tier artists that often travel to great reception abroad, it’s a great achievement to be able to host these same talents in our own country with the same level of production.

“The reception to the event, and the willingness of the audience not only to behave orderly and await their featured acts, is a clear signal that the demand for genuine premium musical experiences in Jamaica is considerable,” Taylor added. “Afterall, despite the amazing performances from the many talented acts that pleased and thrilled the audience in different ways, it is the reception to such offerings of music that determine the success.”

The organizers of the historical ‘Intimate Concert’ would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response of a staging of legends.

“Though there were a few hiccups throughout the evening, we have heard the dislikes and have made notes,” they said in a statement. “We have also heard the resounding appreciation and love for a concert of class, incident free, great production, and we are grateful.

“Most of all, we are grateful that, as a people, we showed the world that good music, great artist and amazing production are still loved and demanded by many,” they continued.