Jamaican in Britain pens ‘Wright recipes’

Yvonne Pat Wright, an avowed Christian, Jamaican who resides in England believes she knows the main ingredient to a life of fulfillment and purpose. Convinced with her enlightenment, the retired advertising and real estate agent penned a book she entitled “From Spice to Eternity.”

Chock-ful of spicy recipes introduced by a glossary on the origin and salivary appeal of each herb and spice, Wright traverses her lifelong journey from childhood experiences tending to pimento/allspice harvests in Brown’s Town, St. Ann, Jamaica to her now relaxed moments the aromatic milk bath she endorses from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

That each chapter is no longer than two pages long, should provide allure to sampling this delectable eye candy.

Wright not only provides a history lesson on the intricacies of more than 42 spices but with a personal and relevant story to follow, she poignantly adds a Bible verse for reference to punctuate and amplify each story.

Wright boasts a certificate in culinary arts from the Herb Academy and considers herself a devout Christian.

One might expect a purely Jamaican collection of delightful dishes throughout the 191 pages but Wright not only samples Jamaican cuisines but provide universal flavoring with Kenyan Spiced Pilau, Guyanese Spinach Rice, and bolsters her family roots serving up a hefty dish of Uncle Julian’s Potatoes.

To season a story about the birth of one of her grandchildren, Wright uses the spice, thyme to explain her image of the birth of Jesus. Humble as the occasion presented itself in Jamaica, Wright presented her perspective on Mary, the mother of Jesus huddled in a stable with little more than hope. Wright’s conjecture on the environment is that it is filled with herbal vines that grew in the area. In her engaging book, she states that Joseph may have used thyme to perfume the musty, hay-filled space.

The dish she subscribed to project thyme’s taste is Jamaica’s rice and peas.

Wright attended boarding school in Highgate, St. Mary in Jamaica and in her book in simple lines delivers a peek into a child’s mind at Easter, Christmas and holiday.

When as a child she is stung by bees in Gordon Town, St. Andrew, one can all but see the mango trees around the hilly area she describes.

None of the stories are chronicled in any particular order except to accommodate the spices and the verses she delicately positions in each chapter. However, in tackling the subject of grace using dried rue and herbs for a floral wreath, Wright casually mentions how she was tagged to “be house mother to the Jackson Five.” The one-page mention does not dwell on the charismatic, singing quints but instead focus on her two daughters Heather and Helen who in 1975 were convinced their surname might have been Jackson had Wright permitted them to join the entourage to Negril and other scenic parts of the island.

The book contains a treasure trove of delightful menus and recipes for vegetarians and meat eaters.

Vegetable Paella, Veggie Burgers, Cilantro Rice and vegetable soup are appetizers to the entree of summer and winner choices Wright compiles in this import.

She is due in New York City early next year, for more information on he book check her insightful web portal at www.spicetoeternity.co.uk ;

Chileans Invited To Mine Jamaica’s Sand & Surf

Jamaica’s government was among the first to extend an open invitation to 33 Chilean miners and their families to vacation on the Caribbean island.

Reportedly, “deeply moved by the courageous spirit of the rescued Chilean miners, Jamaica’s Tourism and Foreign Ministries have partnered with Sandals Resorts International to offer the miners, their rescue workers and their spouses a relaxing Jamaican vacation.”

The island’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett made the announcement at a press conference held in Montego Bay recently.

“As we celebrate the near completion of our Montego Bay Convention Centre, we must pause to give thanks to God for the miraculous rescue of the Chilean miners from their 69-day ordeal trapped underground. I have the highest praises for the Chilean government, their international partners and the rescue workers involved in bringing the miners to safety. The rescue of the 33 trapped miners is an amazing survival story and a miracle, which will long be remembered.”

Partnering to ensure a total vacation package to the Chileans, the founder of the Sandals International chain of resorts also joined in the philantropic effort.

“This must be seen as not only an international event, but also a triumph of the human spirit,” Gordon “Butch” Stewart, chairman of Sandals Resorts said.

“It is fitting and appropriate that we in Jamaica extend a loving hand to our brothers and sisters in South America who endured such a demanding ordeal, yet emerged victorious despite all odds.”

This is not the first time that Jamaica has extended a welcoming invitation to foreigners in distress, during the Sept. 11, 2001 debacle in New York, Jamaica invited first responders to experience the island’s hospitality.

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