Jamaicans put a reggae touch to Adele’s ‘Hello’

Jamaicans put a reggae touch to Adele’s ‘Hello’
Jamaican artists Rosie Delmah and Conkarah put a reggae spin on Adele’s “Hello.”

Jamaican artist Conkarah and Rosie Delmah’s reggae version of British singer Adele’s “Hello” is drawing continuous interest from viewers worldwide. The duet with a female and a male artists is vibrant with a classic reggae beat. The singers, referenced as a brother-and-sister team, starts the video with Rosie Delmah opening the song. The young singer with welcomed child-like innocence, in her “Hello,” details without pain or sadness, countless attempts to contact a past lover. In one instance as she sings, she uses her hand as if it were a telephone to demonstrate calling this distant lover, the song explains a person who is in need of an apology. Conkarah nicely follows up.

In his solo, he wonderfully embellishes the song with a sultry spark and well-placed energy, which converts remorse and misgivings with a touching up-to-date romantic confession. The song in the video demands your attention to hear repeatedly not only for the singers engagement, their commendable treatment of the song but also the attractions the video offers.

Embrace yourself for a relax setting in the Solomon Islands. Nicholas Murray, a Conkarah Music artist with the single name Conkarah, in one of his videos calls upon Robert Nesta Marley’s heirs for a musical reach out on an island, as he wears a T-shirt indicating he is an unsigned artist. In “Hello” the Jamaican singer in the reggae version of “Hello,” places you among warmth, radiantly-healthy children with perfectly aligned teeth enjoying soccer without shoes. Whether by accident or well-planed, as the two navigates “Hello” to musical territories likely to gain Adele’s admiration, there is a scene of a father beautifully cuddling an infant. The children posing in a group photograph gracefully wait for the camera to focusing on them. At their designated moment, they resonate with their brand of child-like humor shown by funny faces and impromptu laughter. There special interaction leaves you puzzled and asking for children to return to this customary place in their childhood.

If the Solomon Islands is the venue of the shooting of the video, look forward to be placed in the South Pacific of sunken warships, lush greenery, scuba-diving blue water and an archipelago with homes near the picturesque waters leaving an indelible imprint in the life of a war hero turned President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Adele’s “Hello” was number 1 on the Billboard single chart. The tract is the first to sell more than one million downloads in a week. The single is on the album “25,” which has sold a record-breaking 3.38 million copies before the close of 2015.

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