J’Ouvert to return for 2022

The J’ouvert Band Roy Pierre and Associates ‘Running of the Bullls’
J’Ouvert City International, Inc./FB.

The Brooklyn-based J’Ouvert City International, Inc., organizer of the annual Caribbean J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn, says it’s officially back for 2022. 

The organization, headed by Trinidadian Yvette Rennie, said in a statement on its Facebook page on Nov. 12, that it was “proud to announce that our 2022 J’Ouvert is officially back after two years dormant due to the COVID epidemic. 

“This spectacular event helps to generate over 500 million dollars into New York’s economy during the Labor Day season,” it said. “We applaud our 32 affiliated organizations, masquerade, steel band and rhythm for their dedication and concerns for the health and welfare of our communities at large during this difficult period.”

J’Ouvert City International, Inc. also said it was “negotiating for an extension of our J’Ouvert’s route – new starting point Barclays Center Arena- Flatbush and Atlantic Ave., ending Nostrand & Clarkson Ave.”

On Dec. 29, Rennie said; “As we begin another political era in New York there are changes.  

“On behalf of J’Ouvert City International, Inc. and its affiliated organizations, masquerade bands steelbands, rhythm, organizers, and promoters, I take this opportunity to thank the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and other elected officials for their collaborative support to ensure that we were able to keep our Caribbean cultural celebrations alive and New Yorkers safe,” she said in a statement on Facebook.  

“For the past six years, these two City government offices and elected officials’ offices rallied with us as a united front, put safety measures in place, and confronted some gentrifies from our communities who were lobbying to stop our beautiful theatre of the streets, J’Ouvert, carnival, pan yards, mas camps, parties, boat rides, calypso, soca and reggae concerts,” she added. “These strategies helped to keep J’Ouvert/carnival alive and safe. We say thank you. 

“Our community wish Mayor Bill de Blasio good luck on his next venture as his eight-year tenure has come to an end Dec. 31, 2021,” Rennie continued.  

“From Jan. 1, 2022, New York City is under the leadership of the newly elected Mayor Eric Adams, and Brooklyn is under the leadership of the newly elected Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, we hope that the collaboration with these two City government offices, elected officials, J’Ouvert City International Inc, and the cultural community will be sustained to ensure that our cultural celebrations continue in Brooklyn.,” she said. “Congratulations!”

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