Judy D. Newton

Judy D. Newton

Judy D. Newton was born in an obscure village called Coach Hill, in Barbados, the fifth of eight children.

Her parents separated and as a single parent, her mother built a solid foundation by clothing and educating her eight children.

From an early age, Newton learned the importance of a good education, which continues to be a driving value. She excelled in school, was the valedictorian and the family moved to the U.S. so she could advance her education.

Newton’s instinct to protect her community led to her joining the police force in 1984, where she found her core. She advanced through the ranks — patrol, special assignment, and finally detective with NYPD.

At John Jay she earned an Associate Degree in Political Science, a B.S. in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Public Administration. She also earned a Masters Degree in Philosophy from Cardiff University in Wales and is pursuing a PhD in Leadership and Supervision in Education at the American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Newton serves as a mentor and instructor by assisting school age children with English, mathematics, global studies, life skills, and helps provide educational field experiences at a weekly program operated by The Barbadian Ex-Police Association in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

In Barbados, she assists in coordinating a school mentoring, breakfast, summer and after-school program at St. Ambrose Anglican Church School.

Newton is also very involved with Cape Town, South Africa. There, she is a big sister to and mentors three children providing for their tuition and future education as well as mentoring and financially assisting youth leaders from Monument Park High School. She also performed community service at a YMCA and Pollsmoor Prison.

For decades, she has volunteered at a Brooklyn soup kitchen and is the volunteer coordinator for annual local holiday dinner and toy distribution events.

Newton is a member of Community Board 18, is active at the 63rd Precinct Community Council meetings, and is the recipient of several awards.

She retired from the NYPD in 2012 and continues to work in the community.

With her husband, Richard Baxt, retired assistant commissioner with the New York City Department of Probation, she has established The Newton Foundation to expand their charitable work.

Newton has also embarked on a research proposal for a PhD in Educational Leadership and Supervision. Her developmental criminology study will examine elementary age children who have precursors to felonious behavior.

She hopes that the study will be incorporated into educational curriculum systems.