Kevin Byrd is health & wellness chairman

From left, Henry Holley, past president of 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc., Phil Andrews, current president, Kevin Byrd and Maurice Perkins, past president.
Photo by Sean Wright
Photo by Sean Wright

On Nov. 7 the 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc. appointed Kevin Byrd to serve as health & wellness chairman to raise awareness of activities that African American can pursue which lead to healthier lives and combat health disparities.

“Health awareness poses a significant challenge for African Americans of Long Island and Kevin Byrd’s appointment as health & wellness chairman for the 100 is a significant step which is timely and needed to reverse the trends of lack of adequate information which leads to health disparities,” said Phil Andrews, president – 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc.

The 100 Black Men of Long Island is the second oldest chapter of 100 Black Men of America, Inc., and was established in 1974). Mr. Byrd’s Health Chairman advocacy will cover both Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

The purpose of the 100 Black Men of Long Island is to improve the quality of life for all people on Long Island, particularly those of African-American heritage; achieve 100 percent equality in all aspects of community life, including the elimination of bigotry and discrimination; defend human and civil rights; and give assistance to members in honorable endeavors.”

Kevin Byrd has been recognized as one of the most prominent Prostate Cancer Health Advocates in the world. He has been honored with 125 International Proclamation Awards and honors from:Buckingham Palace on behalf Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, His Holiness-Pope Benedict XVI,The White House on behalf President Barack Obama, President George Bush, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, New York State Governor David A. Patterson, California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and over 100 International Mayors Across The Nation.

Byrd, 30 stands at the threshold of International Super stardom. He’s an internationally acclaimed award winning actor, writer, producer, motivational speaker, Prostate Cancer health advocate and CEO of his own non for profit foundation called “Brown Byrd Prostate Cancer Foundation.” He is one the youngest male Prostate Cancer Health Advocates in the country and was motivated to become a prostate cancer awareness advocate after his grandfather died from prostate cancer.

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