Konshens (left) teams up with Kemar Highcon in “Volcano.”  Nick
Konshens (left) teams up with Kemar Highcon in “Volcano.”

High energy dancehall star Konshens has teamed up with rising artist Kemar Highcon for “Volcano.”

The sizzling single, produced by Track Starr, has an even hotter music video.

“With Konshens’ ever-growing popularity and Kemar, aka (also known as) the Sauce Boss, becoming a fixture on the scene, the energy on the set was beyond dynamic, and it shows,” Marie Driven, the Haitian-born managing partner of PlaybookMG, a major entertainment publicity company in Brooklyn, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday.

“They played to their strengths in showcasing the visuals, as the two Jamaican men are dressed to the nines and casually flex while turning up the heat.”

Driven said the opening shot shows a popular hot spot called Janga’s Soundbar in Kingston, the Jamaican capital.

“The open-air space and laid-back vibe set the tone for the party to unfold,” she said. “The fellas enjoy a good time and keep the libations flowing as the spot a vixen makes eyes.”

Driven said the video for the song is also broken up with flashes of equally vibrant scenery, including an exploding volcano, tropical island scenery and a fast-footed dance troupe.

Konshens (left) joins Kemar Highcon in “Volcano.”

“As the night carries on, the theme becomes seriously sexy, when the party starts, and beautiful women begin to fill the joint,” Driven said. “Crooners Konshens and Kemar are depicted romancing the gorgeous ladies. At first, I’’s dancing, then there’s kissing, and by the end, there is a harem-like boudoir sequence.

“Amassing nearly a quarter of a million views in just two weeks’ time, “Volcano” is a fantastic follow-up to the release of Konshens’ highly anticipated album Red Reign,” she added. “The 18-track project dropped in late 2021, and he reiterates has no plans of slowing down.”

Driven said Konshens’ previous hits, “Bruk Off” and “Turn Me On”, became “hugely popular, elevated the artist to new levels, and brought attention to the genre globally.”

He recently received a warm reception, when he arrived in Kenya to perform at a new year’s celebration in Nairobi, Driven said.

She said Kemar Highcon also performed at the aforementioned grand event, marking his first time being on stage there.

In 2018, Driven said Kemar made waves with “So Saucy,” which became a summer anthem and helped put him on the map.

“The formidable pair is quite a powerhouse, and ‘Volcano’ is nothing short of fuego, with a fiery feel down to the finish,” Driven said.

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