Launch of traveling inflatable amusement park delayed

Chris Worthy and Kevin Barchus pose for Caribbean Life photographer, on Saturday, Aug. 8, before the showing of the 8 pm movie, “Just Mercy,” starring Jamie Fox and Michael B. Jordan at their Movies In Your Car summer series at York College Performing Arts Center.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The launch of America’s first traveling Bounce Playground, an inflatable amusement park conceived by Kevin Barchus and Chris Worthy, which was scheduled to be opened July 2020, has been sidelined by the outbreak of the coronavirus. But as the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’

Figuratively, this is exactly what the entrepreneurs did, when they turned the temporary setback into a lucrative venture, they told Caribbean Life on Aug. 8, has been well received by the public, since opening two weeks ago.

This reporter was privileged to experience “Movies In Your Car” cinema on the tarmac of York College Milton G. Bassin Performing Art Center in Jamaica, Queens.

Moviegoers are first invited to drive on to a Red Carpet with backdrop type setting for a photo-op, after which, they move into formation, to view black films on a mega inflated screen.

Barchus, chief operations officer of Bounce Playground, explained, that “Movies in Your Car, “highlights black culture.

“When the pandemic hit, I believe that, some of the black communities were affected the most, and in these times, and in the height of everything that is going on, people need an outlet, so it is a good time to celebrate our cultural heritage, and what better way to do so, than with movies featuring some of the biggest black stars you have ever hear of,” said Baracus.

He added that every week a variety of new films would be shown, especially since there are many family films that would be enjoyed by everyone.

“We want everyone to come out for some pandemic relief,” he mused.

Worthy, the chief executive officer, spoke excitedly about the now, 2021 launch of the all-inflated traveling amusement park that hinges on the cessation of the coronavirus.

He said this is the first, of its kind in the United States, with over 100 attractions, including rides and games.

Some of the most exciting attractions, will be a 67 ft. slide, a 6000 sqft major bounce house, as well as a “double-dare” – the second largest obstacle course in the US, that is a quarter of a mile long.

The park has five different parts and features gaming, and STEM sections to encourage both learning and fun, as every playground should be to help kids to grow, Barchus shared.

He said the first inflatable park would be installed at Citi-Field in Flushing Queens, since five acres of land would be needed for such a vast entertainment park. It will then be taken down and transported across the Unites States.

The film series will continue through Sept. 27. To learn more, go to