Lily Rayne drops song, visuals for ‘Pink Lemonade’

Lily Rayne
Lily Rayne.
Lily Rayne

Lily Rayne has returned with a melodic single paired with hazy, Dope Overdoz Studios-directed visuals for “Pink Lemonade.”

On her new track, Rayne harmoniously pleads with her love interest to always choose her, despite her schedule or what she’s going through. 

In alignment with “Pink Lemonade’s” lyrical content, the visuals highlight the conflict of Rayne’s introspection, as she is seen going from a party scene to deep into her thoughts. 

“She’s seen hoping that, even though she’s distracted with life, whenever she’s ready, the girl on her mind will always pick up the phone,” said Lily Rayne in a statement. 

“’Pink Lemonade’ is a smooth and mellow track over a tantric beat that effortlessly displays that Lily Rayne is only getting better,” it added. 

The statement said that Lily Rayne is “a triple-threat hailing from the creative capital Providence, Rhode Island and now residing in Atlanta.”

The singer, rapper and songwriter fuses alternative hip-hop and R&B to create “a fresh, eclectic sound for the masses, with the lyricism of a woman wise beyond her years and poised for stardom,” the statement said. 

Lily Rayne’s first record, “Super Lit”, circulated bringing interest in and out of her city, while her subsequent single, “On!” went viral after capturing the attention of singer Justine Skye, who shared it on her socials. 

Ready to tell her story, the statement said Rayne dropped her debut EP, Rhode Girl, followed by her EP FEMME in 2017. 

“Rayne is now back with new musical inspirations, more life experience, and a fresh take on her future, as she gears up to release her next album at the top of 2022,” the statement said.

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