Delcita (center) with the cast of “The Honeymoon.”
Husband Patchie

Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s foremost female playwright, actress and comedienne, Andrea Wright, renowned by her stage name, “Delcita,” is bringing her latest theatrical production, “Honeymoon,” to Richard Green Campus School, 3710 Barnes Ave., Bronx, on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 8:00 pm, according to the Brooklyn-based Everybody’s magazine.

Herman Hall, the Grenadian-born publisher of Everybody’s, said on Tuesday that Delcita and Patchie (Jamaine Lucas) are the leading characters in “Honeymoon.”

Other cast members are Gertrude Campbell-Fraser, Patrick Smith, Daindra Harrison and Selena Brown. Technical Director, Dreanna Wiliams, is one of several young women managing the performing arts in Jamaica, Hall said.

“In Jamaica and overseas, patrons of Jamaican brand theater and comedy go in droves to see Delcita,” Everybody’s says.

It says Delcita has two rotten teeth, but she is not embarrassed.

“She laughs loudly, smiles radiantly and always happy-go-lucky, except when someone annoys her,” the magazine says. “Thanks to cutting edge dentistry, Delcita’s two rotten teeth are no longer easily spotted; they are polished, but an observant person will realize Delcita once had decaying teeth.”

The magazine says Delcita Coldwater was once very dark-skinned.

“Regardless to her teeth and maybe her skin problems, Delcita is not a shy person,” it says. “She is a dynaand superb entertainer. She is positive, articulate, ostentatious and loquacious in the likes of Good Times sitcom star J.J. Evans.”

A talented actress, Everybody’s says Delcita has appeared in numerous Jamaican plays, including “Shebada.”

“A play with ‘Shebada’ and Delcita is always a must-see,” it says, adding that theatrical productions Delcita has been associated with are “Granny Rule 1,” “Granny Rule 2,” “Missa Dweet Nice,” “Delcita and Stamma,” “Di Driva,” “Money Worries,” “Extortionists,” “The Plumber,” “Ova Mi dead Body,” “The Politicians,” “Court House Drama,” “University of Delcita,” “Miss Elsayda,” “Border Patrol 1,” “Border Patrol 2” and “Granny Del.”

“For non-Jamaicans, who have never seen or heard about Delcita, when they see her portrait – her rotten teeth, weird makeup and hillbilly dress code – lead them to believe she has no class, and the use of her photo is in bad taste and a turn off,” the magazine continued. “The truth is, there is no such person in real life named Delcita Coldwater.”

Everybody’s says Delcita is a character created by Paul O. Beale, a prolific playwright and filmmaker, and perfected by Andrea Wright playing the role of Delcita.

In real life, the magazine says Wright is a guidance counselor at the Ministry of Education and holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Guidance & Counselling from Northern Caribbean.

During the summer of 2016, it says Wright was one of the guidance counselors commissioned by the Ministry of Education to deliver psychosocial training to high school teachers across Jamaica.

A former school teacher, Everybody’s says Wright is also a computer technician, the first Jamaican woman to be an A+ certified computer technician, a market/social researcher, salesperson and entrepreneur.

In 1989, Wright made her theatrical debut as Miss Agnis, an old woman in the play “MusMus Tail,” Everybody’s says.

For a long while, it says Wright also played the role of Pumpkin in Granny Rule, another character that became a popular fixture in Jamaican theatre.

The character, Delcita, was born in 1996 when Wright appeared in the play “Mr. Dweet Nice,” Everybody’s says.

It says Wright played Jewel in “Safe Travel,” Jamaica’s first AIDS awareness documentary, written by renowned Jamaican dramatist, playwright, actor and director Trevor Rhone.

Everybody’s says the Delcita character was relaunched in 2008 in “Di Driva.”

“Since the rebirth of Delcita, Jamaican theater has not been the same,” the magazine says. “Theatergoers continuously flock to see her in action.”

Delcita chewing cane.
Husband Patchie

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