Mavado releases ‘Dancehall Prophecy’

Mavado releases ‘Dancehall Prophecy’
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International Dancehall star Mavado recently released his single titled ‘Dancehall Prophecy.’ Produced by Justus Arison, ‘Dancehall Prophecy’ is climbing on the Reggae iTunes Charts.

Not known for doing many interviews, or expressing himself on social media post, Mavado takes it to the studio and shares his thoughts in this single. The single starts with a grimy sound, which grabs your attention and the repetition of the words “Badmind Badmind Badmind Cyah Stop Di ting dem Cyah win,” immediately gets you in a mood ready to put the gun finger in the air and start to feel you will overcome all negativity. As the single continues Mavado’s melodies come in and balance the grittiness of the track allowing persons the ability to sing along.

Known on the international scene as the dancehall Gully Gad, Mavado recorded with some of the biggest names in music such as Akon, Nikki Minaj, Stefflon Don, and is still selling out shows throughout the world.

Throughout the single, Mavado mentions the numerous fights he continues to receive in dancehall despite all the success and international exposure he has had in an extensive career. Yet as a dancehall prodigy, he is aware that his music will live on no matter what happens.

His most recent fight is the fight for the life of his son, who is currently incarcerated in Jamaica on a murder charge. Mavado mentions how he wishes his son could see and understand how wicked mankind can be, your own will set you up.

“Wish me likkle son could a see and understand

Nuff a dem will love to see your father hang

Shoot me in the back like they did Daddy Gan

Big funeral like they give Radigan

Set you up, so dem wicked and tan

Cyaan trust a soul a the ghetto weh you from

Dem kind a life ya mi get away from

From dem no straight, hold a separation”

“Dancehall Prophecy is reality, that’s what this single is about and that is why so many people are able to relate. More time you do you best, give you all and people still never satisfied, but worse thing is when dem try stop you, WE CYAH MEK DEM WIN,” said Mavado.