Natasha Burke

Natasha Burke was born in Grenada and immigrated to the United States at age 11. When she was 17, she started volunteering at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center where her mother worked in radiology.

“It exposed me to all of the wonderful work that goes on behind the scenes to make a hospital a place where people come for comfort and care,” she says. “I could see the direct impact that they made on people’s lives, and I wanted to do that.”

Ms. Burke is the chief of staff at Kings County Hospital, assisting the chief executive officer. As both the “go-to” person and one who translates policy into action, she coordinates operations and planning and ensures timely flow of information to and from the executive office at the hospital.

She serves as a project leader and manager of all special projects and is eyes and ears to the community and hospital stats.

Ms. Burke holds a Masters in Public Administration from Long Island University. She is a healthcare manager with 12 years experience in the planning and administration of marketing, public relations, public affairs, development and community affairs programs.

Before her work at Kings County, she worked at SUNY Downstate Long Island College Hospital with executive and clinical leadership to develop community outreach goals and targets, served as the intergovernmental liaison to elected officials and government agencies and held management roles.

She is a member of many professional and civic organizations and associations.

Ms. Burke cites her mom as the most influential person in her life and career. “She instilled in me the love of learning and the value of getting a good education,” Ms. Burke says. “And that has set me on a great path.”

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