New Horizon ‘Welcome (s) to Niagara Falls’

Haitian Lissa Kayy portrays “Water”
Nelson A. King

New Horizon is welcoming masqueraders and carnival lovers to Niagara Falls for Brooklyn’s annual West Indian-American Day Carnival.

“We chose ‘Welcome to Niagara Falls’ because it gives children a little culture for them to learn about,” Trinidadian Band Leader and Producer Diane Walkes told Caribbean Life. “There’s a lot of stuff in Niagara.”

Walkes, who has been producing mas for 30 years, said “Welcome to Niagara Falls” comprises five Adult and Children sections, with 50 masqueraders in the Adult Section and 80 in the Children Section. 

They are: Niagara Falls, Flamingo, Parrot, Humming Bird and Water. 

Trinidadian Denecia Trimm portrays “Flamingo”Nelson A. King

“Masqueraders can expect beautiful costumes and fun on the road,” said Walkes, who attends carnival not only in Brooklyn but also in places such as her native Trinidad and Tobago, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and South Carolina. 

Over the years, she said her productions in Brooklyn have yielded much success, earning, among other titles, Band of the Year and Junior King. 

Co-Band Leader Guyanese Denise Jennings-Daly, an international fashion designer, is collaborating with Walkes for the first time this year. 

“I love costuming and carnival,” said Jennings-Daly. “So, I decided to come on board with Diane. 

“I look forward to doing this again year after year,” she added. “I incorporate costumes with fashion.”

New Horizon Mas Camp is located at 396 East, 98th Street, Brooklyn. 

You can reach Walkes at (551) 232-4813 and Jennings-Daly at (929) 609-5747.