Kees Killer of Guyana displays a costume from the band “Nubian Gods and Goddesses” presented by Suga Candy Mas.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Suga Candy Mas, at 755 Linden Blvd and Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, is adorned with a dazzling array of costumes, designed to depict “Nubian Gods and Goddesses.”

Designer Maxine Magdaleno told Caribbean Life last Sunday, that the grand opening was amazing, and since this is her fifth year, she is excited to push forward with momentum to capture yet another win after taking home trophies for titles in every category for the last four years.

“I wanted to recreate the back in time, Nubian Gods that did great things for the earth. It’s a bit mythical, something that I didn’t know much about, but now that I am aware of the legend, I have learned so much about the past,” said Magdaleno who will vie in the medium band category with 10 sections.

The designer decked out revelers in pieces to showcase Nubian Goddesses, Nubian Isis, Nubian Fassett, and Nubian Aphrodite, to recreate that history, adding a carnival splash into the creations to bring the theme to life.

The exciting two-piece cutting-edge swimsuit creations are embellished with rhinestone, beads, trimmings, and accessorize with metallic armbands and leg decorations to glam up the costumes.

She used colorful feathers with great relish to complete bellowing headpieces. Others were created with tiaras, trimmed with artificial diamonds and stones.

The designer has included every age group in her design concept, from youth who would prefer skimpy outfits, to the more matured masquerader, who has a pick of boy-shorts, high-waist panties, bodysuit, and other options that are available.

All costumes come with restrictions from the WIADCA. However, the designer likes to ensure mass players are given that freedom to revel in comfort.

Costumes start as low as $250 and go up to $700, priced for a more elaborate outfit, said Magdaleno who welcomes everyone to participate in the band that offers cost-effective costumes.

“My band will be made up of predominately Caribbean nationals, but masquerades from Central America and other countries will join in, because carnival is celebrated across the world,” said the Belize-roots designer, who won titles for four consecutive years.

When the bandleader takes to Eastern Parkway on Labor Day Monday, she hopes to place in any category, reminiscent of her winning streak, an achievement she cherishes.

“There is nine women slots in the Labor Day carnival, and with 40 bands registered, I am really grateful, that I can take part, said Magdaleno, who gave a shout-out of WIADCA for its achievement to date.

“I would like to say thanks to Suga Candy amazing section leaders. We ‘live’ Carnival,” said Magdaleno who also acknowledged Impressionz Mas, Mas by Mansah, Juni’s Army, and Jamaican Soca Artiste Linky, who is performing with in the 1st section of Suga Candy Mas.

The once starry-eyed little girl, whose parents took her to Eastern Parkway from age five, knows the ins and outs of carnival life, having led junior bands at Delaware, Washington DC, and Buffalo Carnivals, from the age of nine.

Today, she is one of the most decorated costume designers, who, has big plans to take Suga Candy Mas to Belize, her friends and family homeland, and to Guyana carnival, where her partner was born.

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