One Destiny to showcase ‘Fantasy Of The Falls’

One Destiny to showcase ‘Fantasy Of The Falls’|One Destiny to showcase ‘Fantasy Of The Falls’

One Destiny Mas band, with costume designer Zeelema Verwayne at the helm, will showcase Guyana’s diverse culture, bringing into focus the country’s renowned Kaieteur Water Falls in a themed “Fantasy of the Falls” presentation.

The 998 Rogers Ave. (between Tilden and Beverley) Mas camp is adorned with a colorful array of costumes representing five sections, incorporating shades of blue to represent the cascading water falls, and Guyana’s land of many waters landscape.

Verwayne, who is taking the band to the parkway for the second year around, is passionate of producing bold, durable costumes for style and comfort. She is also focused on the purity that water symbolizes.

The masqueraders will revel in pieces from Vines of Gold, Cascades, Rivers of Color, Flirtatious Humming Bird, Clear Waters, and Great Blue Hole from Canada, when the band takes to the parkway to entertain spectators, and to have fun in the medium band category.

One of the youngest, ever Guyanese designers to participate in the Caribbean American Day Parade, Verwayne brings her talent and experience to the competition after many years of reveling as a kid in Guyana’s Mashramani, and later in the Labor Day carnival, Miami Carnival, and other presentations.

“I am not a sketch artist. I am inspired by the way I feel when I design. I begin with a bra and then incorporate trimmings of beads, and glitter for a detailed finish,” said the artist, who puts pride into costuming.

Unlike other designers who create lavish headpieces of feather, she prefers to embellish the ensemble instead, for a more cost effective, impressive look. The male and female costumes cost around $315.00.

Verwayne’s ultimate goal is to showcase Guyana’s culture and beauty for all to see and enjoy.

“It’s not all about winning, said the band leader, it’s about Guyana being represented on the parkway.” “Last year the support was overwhelming, Guyanese along the route were excited to see their symbolic colors.

“We want everyone to come out, jump up with us and have a good time,” she said.

In addition, One Destiny Mas will for the first time, showcase a Kiddy Mas band with three sections, headed by costume designer Zipporah Verwayne.

All costumes are priced below $100 and will mirror the big band sections, including Cascade, to showcase the colors of Guyana’s Golden Arrowhead flag and national bird.

Expressing disappointment that she was not successful in acquiring corporate sponsorship for her band, Verwayne, never-the-less is hopeful that her hard work, and fervor for leading a band will pay off now that One Destiny Mas is a non-profit organization.

Her ultimate goal is to establish a trade school in her homeland of Guyana, through fund raising activities. “Whatever we do, we do it for a greater purpose,” said Verwayne.

The Mas camp is opened weekdays from 7 pm until midnight, and on weekends from 4 pm to 11 pm.

For registration and to view costumes, call 917-428-0447 or email – website:

Sariyah Gordon is ready for the Kiddy Carnival.