Pitch for Haiti, UNICEF Africa at Remy Martin party

It was not only about the glitz and glamor or alcohol at the national launch of Rémy Martin V — the brand’s first clear spirit. Grammy Award-Winning singer, Robin Thicke, celebrity disc-jockey DJ KISS, actress and “Gossip Girl” star, Tika Sumpter, male supermodel, Tyson Beckford, model, Jessica White, the new face of Ralph Lauren, Chris Collins, actors Laz Alonzo, Valence Thomas and many more were at LAVO NYC.

Before the celebrities and guests took in a sultry performance by Robin Thicke, and sipped on inventive Remy V cocktails they took a moment to share with us some details on their charities.

In our interview with Jumping the Broome actor, Laz Alonzo, the former Wall Street investment banker, he told us how he is combining his two strengths: money and Hollywood.

He recently completed a script that takes place in post-earthquake Haiti, and it’s a drama. He said, “Last year there was a tremendous amount of conversation on the blackout at the Oscars and in my opinion, I don’t feel that there was a blackout if we didn’t make any movies to get nominated.

“It’s only a blackout if we made Oscar-worthy movies that did not get nominated, and it’s our job to raise our money.”

He’s raising his own finances to shoot an independent drama and is reaching out to the Caribbean Community for support.

“Currently, in Haiti people began moving off the parking lot at the National Stadium in the capital after Haiti’s government paid families $250 each to move from the spot that has been their home since last year’s earthquake. Eighteen months after the disaster, an estimated 634,000 people still live in 1,000 settlement camps.”

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don’t have clean water to drink? We spoke with Actor Valence Thomas from the Notorious Big Movie, and Men In Black III and he told us about his project to help raise funds to provide clean, safe drinking water to people in Africa who suffer needlessly without it in the developing world, and could really use our help.

Donations will be used to construct a specific water project, Thomas said. His mission is to provide clean water to areas that are in desperate need of it, tthrough the initiatives that the Water Project has in place: ‘$1 = clean water for 1 African for 1 year or $10 for 10 years’.

“I want to make change and I want to do it with you. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Help me to help others!”, Thomas added.

Another celebrity donating lots of time to charity is model Jessica White. Her Angel Wings Foundation is benefiting UNICEF, which protects women and children from sexual violence.

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