Reggae’s ‘M’ patriarch busted

One of reggae’s most popular family patriarchs was reportedly nabbed for drug-related crimes recently. Reportedly, on Sept. 14, 66-year-old Denroy Morgan was arrested and charged in the Bronx for criminal possession of marijuana after cops stopped him for running a stop sign.

Allegedly, officers with the Narcotics Borough Manhattan Tactical Response Team stopped Morgan’s car after spotting him leaving a building carrying a suspicious package.

They had been working on an unrelated case when they noticed him exiting the building some claimed may have been central to a drug trade in the area.

“All I can say is I’m not surprised. We figured it was a drug house,” a neighbor who asked anonymity reportedly stated.

Another said: “I hardly ever saw him. When I did, he never said hello. He was very quiet. Just in and out.”

Police claim they had seen Morgan leaving the building with a package they suspected to be drugs. They had cause to stop the former reggae singer when Morgan ignored the traffic sign. According to reports when Morgan opened his car window to talk with the officers a strong whiff of the illegal substance further incriminated the reggae singer.

After checking his trunk they reportedly found two large bags containing 25 pounds of ganja.

That bust enabled cops to secure a cache of 351-pounds of the compacted grass when police spotted another individual leaving the same building with a large package.

Like Morgan, the individual was stopped in his car for not wearing a seat belt when police found 16 pounds of the same compacted marijuana tablets.

Morgan was reportedly held in lieu of $8,000 bail.

Thirty years ago, Morgan scored cross-over notice with a reggae recording dubbed “I’ll Do Anything For You.”

He is also known for fathering 30 off-springs, eight banding to form two groups named Morgan Heritage and LMS.