Science film festival encourages more Caribbean interest

Science film festival encourages more Caribbean interest
A still from Michelle Gevint’s short film “The Sweet Stench of Sulfur,” which is playing at the Imagine Science Film Festival at The New School on Oct. 14.
Michelle Gevint

The Imagine Science Film festival kicks off today, and returns with more than a dozen films exploring science. The week-long event, which is also celebrating its 10-year anniversary, offers guests an opportunity to see projects on the matter from filmmakers all over the world, said the event’s creative program manager.

“The Imagine Science Film Festival is a global film company that produces science films that we curate from global filmmakers on different subjects and we highlight their films,” said Shemeeka Greaves.

At various venues across the city, mostly in lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, the organization is screening several films throughout the day.

Greaves, who is of Trinidadian descent, says the festival should be of interest to the city’s Caribbean community because there is a lack of visible Caribbean people in these areas, and there is lot to learn and experience from these films. As a lover of the subject, she says it can also inspire Caribbean youth to pursue a career in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

“It could be simply be a disconnect, but I also feel like we are under represented in a lot of industries, and the few people that we have, STEM should reach out to the community, because you may never know someone who is probably thinking about it or interested in it,” said Greaves. “And they can either come and see the films, or use it as a good networking opportunity, and I want to make Caribbean people aware.”

While there are no films in the lineup from Caribbean filmmakers, she adds that more participation and interest from the community can help change that in the future.

“I think with more awareness about this festival might help get more films from people of Caribbean background,” said Greaves.

The festival is showing 70 films that explore subjects like memory, survival, weather, nature, and more, and will show at several locations particularly The New School, The American Museum of Natural History, Spectacle Theater, Syndicated, and a dozen other venues.

She says people should come to the festival to not only find delight in the spectacle, but to use it as a learning experience.

“It’s very visually appealing, and I think all of the shots are well done entertainment wise,” said Greaves. “These are not blockbuster movies but they approach things like the climate and the environment, and it’s stunning. This is much better than what we would see in science class — this is like an adult version of science class.”

“Imagine Science Film Festival” at various locations and times in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens,]. Oct. 12-19. $8-12.

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