St. Lucian artist debuts in Manhattan

St. Lucian artist debuts in Manhattan
Daniel Marcion

A St. Lucian sculptor, internationally-known for recreating human life in his works, has brought his art to New York City for the first time.

Among Jallim Eudovic’s creations, on display at the Thomas Jaeckel Gallery in Chelsea through March 4, is “Journey,” a wooden tile piece that showcases his interpretation of uncovering mankind and explores, he says, what is often hidden from the public eye.

“I have wanted to capture something in part in its original form in the most violent way sometimes,” Eudovic said of “Journey,” which features the exposure of a different color on a solid background and, he explained, best describes the message he is trying to get across.

“Your skin is who you truly are and I really wanted to do something I can relate it to,” Eudovic said. “Everything we own is gift-wrapped and the skin on it — you have to pull back, and it’s a trick I wanted to correlate to conjure these feelings. Our skin very much like when a snake changes its skin to become something else.”

Eudovic’s sculptures have been exhibited in China, Canada and Africa, and here in the United States in Miami and now New York.

“Sometimes, I put my sketches on metal and bronze, but for now wood — wood is my sweetheart,” he said.

Eudovic said he comes from a family of artists, and through the years dabbling in multiple types of art helped him find his desire for sculpting, specifically incorporating humans into his works.

“I started off doing modern art, free-flowing forms, and it evolved into a more figurative as I grew up,” he said. “Now I focus more on the human forms, the geometric forms, evolution, people, and human life.”

To stay inspired in his creativity and motivated to create new works, Eudovic said he explores a variety of other art forms.

“I’ve always been quite interested in creative writing, poetry, music, drawing, and painting,” he said. “But I gravitated to sculpting — it was in my immediate environment and that is what completes me.”

“Journey” at Thomas Jaeckel Gallery [532 W 25th Street between 10th and 11th avenues in Chelsea,, (917) 701-3338]. On display until March 4. Tues—Sat.,12:30 – 5:30 pm. Free.

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