T-Shirt Design Contest

For the fourth year, National Grid and Green Education Foundation (GEF) are working together to promote sustainability education and energy efficiency in classrooms across New York with the Green Energy Challenge t-shirt design contest. This year, the contest asks students to draw their answer to the question, ‘What is your favorite way to save energy?’ One winner from New York will be selected in April, and their winning drawing will be printed on t-shirts worn by National Grid employees during the company’s Earth Day events. The winning student will also receive $250 for their school and green packs, including t-shirts with their design, for their classroom. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2013.

“National Grid is committed to giving back to the community and promoting sustainable practices that will preserve the environment. The Green Energy Challenge t-shirt contest is a fun, effective way to teach students and educators simple techniques that can save their school money, while also fostering a long-lasting commitment to sustainability education,” said Ken Daly, National Grid president for New York. “By participating in the contest, students in grades K-5 are introduced to important concepts around energy and energy efficiency. The contest emphasizes the importance of energy conservation and simple strategies that make a big difference.”

Victoria Waters, the CEO at GEF, commented on the organization’s relationship with National Grid: “We couldn’t be more excited or proud to continue our successful partnership with National Grid. Our shared values around energy efficiency and the importance of introducing sustainability concepts in K-12 schools have made the Green Energy Challenge, and the t-shirt contest, a very strong program with national momentum.”

The Green Energy Challenge, sponsored by National Grid, calls on schools across the nation to improve their energy efficiency through simple changes of behavior. The program is designed to empower students to take small steps that can have a big collective influence on our environment, economy, and society. During the challenge, students audit their classrooms, schools, and homes to find and fix energy leaks in an effort to reduce utility costs and help the environment.

Schools with a commitment to energy conservation and education are encouraged to become Energy Spotlight Schools. These spotlight schools will have their successes and initiatives showcased on GEF’s website and in national press. The winning school will also receive 100 Green Packs (reusable bags, water bottles and snacks containers). To become a spotlight school you must be located in MA, RI or NY and submit your story to GEF by April 1, 2013.

More information about the Green Energy Challenge, the t-shirt design contest, and Energy Spotlight Schools is available on GEF’s website, www.greeneducationfoundation.org/green-energy-challenge-menu.html.

About Green Education Foundation (GEF)

GEF is a non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education. Sustainability Education provides educators with the real-world applied learning models that connect science, technology, and math education with the broader human concerns of environmental, economic, and social systems. GEF provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging youth to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns and solutions.

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About National Grid

National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE:NGG) is an electricity and gas company that connects consumers to energy sources through its networks. The company is at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society – to create new, sustainable energy solutions for the future and developing an energy system that underpins economic prosperity in the 21st century. National Grid holds a vital position at the center of the energy system and it ‘joins everything up’.

In the northeast US, we connect more than seven million gas and electric customers to vital energy sources, essential for our modern lifestyles. In Great Britain, we run the gas and electricity systems that our society is built on, delivering gas and electricity across the country.

National Grid delivers electricity to more than 3 million customers in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. It manages the electricity network on Long Island under an agreement with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), and owns over 4,000 megawatts of contracted electricity generation, providing power to over one million LIPA customers. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in northeastern U.S., serving more than 3 million customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Director, GEF Programs

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