The James E. Davis’ legacy will live on

The James E. Davis’ legacy will live on|The James E. Davis’ legacy will live on
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John Louis

In a strong effort of community togetherness and support to embrace the work of the late and former, New York City Councilman James E. Davis, New York State Assemblywoman representing the 43rd District, Diana Richardson recently launched the first James E. Davis’ Family Day, in the Brooklyn district on Empire Blvd. and Nostrand Avenue.

District residents and some state and city representatives gathered in front of the Brooklyn stationed Post Office, opposite to the 43rd Assembly District’s office, to rekindle the goals and aspirations of the former New York City councilman. State Assemblywoman Diana Richardson, reminded attendees at the event that the work of the former councilman should not be forgotten, but should undisputable be supported by everyone, “His causes were for non-violence, peace and community development,” she noted. “Less We Forget.”

Indicating that the inauguration of the James E. Davis’ Family Day is also an example to give assurance that the work of the late Councilman must continue. In addition, Richardson noted that reflecting on his work can help strengthen and influence the minds of the young people in the community in a positive way, and reminding the more seasoned adults that there is still more work to be done to help uplift James Davis’ work.

“The objectives are also to not linger on the work that is already done by the former councilman but to build on it, let it be prolific and uplifting” Assembly Woman Diana Richardson noted. “This is a community that has withstood adversities and celebrating the work and continuing to embrace the legacy of James Davis is befitting to the people.” Ms. Richardson pointed out that the vast diversity in the 43rd State Assembly District is not one to be overlooked, “These issues have to be addressed, the James E. Davis’ Family Day helps bring us to that common ground.” Noting that the implementation and the continuation of the James E. Davis Family Day are important fragments for the community. Richardson said, “it helps and exposes the community also to what government resources are available for them in the various areas. Residents must become aware for community development to happen.”

“This is a community that is heavily populated with various ethnic groups and James Davis would have wanted it no other way, but just bringing people together to stop violence and live in unity,” the assemblywoman commented.

Geoffrey Davis, brother of the late James E. Davis and leader for the 43rd Assembly District believes that Assemblwoman Richardson has made a strong move by initiating the James E. Davis’ Family Day. “This is maverick behavior. She took the lead on keeping his legacy alive, non-violence and developing a community of peace,” Davis said.

According to Davis, the community needs participation from everyone and this is what the James E. Davis’ Family Day helps to do. “It entails continuing the work of James Davis for the next generation to build on his legacy. This is the 13th year of his death and this is what the community needs to do,” said Davis.

Partaking in the Assemblywoman Richardson’s milestone on marking the occasion were some state and city representatives including state Senators, Jesse Hamilton and Walter Mosley, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo along with several, local leaders in health, civic and businesses.

Geoffrey Davis, brother of James Davis and district leader for the 43rd Assembly District in Brooklyn,
Diana Richardson, State Assembly woman for the 43rd District and New York State Senator, Jesse Hamilton.
John Louis

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