Trump administration congratulates Grenada on 45th Independence Anniversary

Trump administration congratulates Grenada on 45th Independence Anniversary
Dr. Keith C. Mitchell, prime minister of Grenada.
Dominika Zarzycka / NurPhoto / Sipa USA) (Sipa via Associated Press)

The Trump administration on Wednesday congratulated Grenada on its 45th year of political independence from Great Britain.

“On behalf of the Government of the United States, congratulations to the people of Grenada on your 45th anniversary of independence on Feb. 7,” said US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo in a statement.

“Grenada is a warm and welcoming host to thousands of Americans each year, and many United States students also call the ‘Spice Isle’ home,” he added.

Pompeo said the United States values the “strong people-to-people ties” with Grenada, stating that they have “laid the foundation for our ongoing partnership with Grenada to combat drug and human trafficking, mitigate the effects of natural disaster, and promote economic prosperity and entrepreneurship.

“We look forward to deepening cooperation in these areas, as we work together to implement the US-Caribbean 2020 initiative,” he said.

Pompeo said the United States “values this longstanding friendship and wishes the citizens of Grenada a happy Independence Day celebration.”

Grenada officially gained independence from Britain on Feb. 7, 1974.

Over the objections of the opposition, and an eventual boycott of the ongoing talks with Britain by the opponents, the late Prime Minister Eric Mathew Gairy “persevered, and Grenada was granted independence,” according to

It said Grenada continues to practice a modified Westminster parliamentary system, based on the British model, with a governor general appointed by and representing the British monarch (head of state) and a prime minister, who is both leader of the majority party and the head of government.

Sir Eric was Grenada’s first prime minister and Sir Leo de Gale its first Governor-General. Dr. Keith Mitchell is Grenada’s current prime minister.

In becoming an independent nation, it meant that “Britain no longer controlled the affairs” of Grenada, said.

Grenadian Independence Day is commemorated by official ceremonies and colorful parades across the country.

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