USA should respect Jamaica’s constitution in diplomatic row

The current diplomatic tension based on Jamaican representatives denied a U.S. diplomat, and his same sex partner entry has escalated into at least three Jamaican representatives now have a brief time span left in the U.S.A.
The backlash is uncalled for: since Jamaican law, and CARICOM by extension do not recognize two people of the same sex as a married couple… it is not just about legal ramifications, and what America want enforce on its neighbors with pressure games: but the religiosity of the region is intertwined.
It would not be under seventy five percent of Jamaicans who are known for a long history of Christianity. Which means that the teachings of the Bible is deeply ingrained, therefore, the issue of same sex marriage to encroach up on Caribbeans draws scripture verses to mind.
According to the book of Leviticus. (Thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind. Leviticus 18 : 22  k.J.V.). Interestingly enough, Jamaicans will not deter, nor compromise the Christian values for political gain… instead they they will remain rooted, and grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ. Other island nations are equally steadfast in terms of the christian culture.
The worse case scenario is: Caribbeans are scared to death; the practice of same sex relationship get into the school system and children think it is okay. Ironically, Sunday school will protect them by letting them know not everything American must be adopted.
While some things American must be rejected… America should not wait for rejection, or entry to be denied; instead in any situation it should be the highest respect for the constitution, the sovereignty, and the culture of CARICOM.


Tarie Khoraam