Vincy group holds very successful fundraising BBQ

Vincy group holds very successful fundraising BBQ|Vincy group holds very successful fundraising BBQ|Vincy group holds very successful fundraising BBQ
Patrons being served at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church grounds in Canarsie, Brooklyn.
Photo by Nelson A. King

Vincentians attending St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Canarsie, Brooklyn, have described as very successful their annual fundraising barbecue on the church grounds.

According to Annette Stowe, treasurer of the group, more than 800 people attended the 8th annual event on July 7, at 9408 Farragut Rd., which was part of the church’s “Rally of Nations.”

“The group served approximately 600 full meals, plus souse, hotdogs and hamburgers, and kids meals,” Stowe said. “The cost, which has been the same for the last eight years, was only $10.

“The menu, too, has been consistent over the years with guests receiving a choice of chicken, pork / ribs, or fish, along with four sides — rice and peas, macaroni and cheese, potato salad and green salad,” she added.

“Additionally, guests were also able to purchase hamburgers and hotdogs, souse, roast corn, sweet potato pudding, cassava pone, cakes, peanut sugar cakes, tamarind balls and ‘too-lum’,” she continued.

Stowe said a variety of soft and local drinks, including mauby and sorrel, were also available.

The music was again provided by Vincentian DJ Geoff Francis, “who was sure to include the latest soca and calypso from Vincy Mas 2018,” Stowe said.

She said there was also a special performance by Vincentian soca artiste Fya Empress, “who took to the mic on two occasions and had the crowd going wild with her 2012 tune, ‘I am a Vincy.’”

Stowe said St. Alban’s Episcopal Church this year received a request for assistance with renovation of the Sandy Bay Anglican Church in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Vincy crooner Theophilus Homer roasts corn.
Photo by Nelson A. King

In adding to the funds that will be contributed by St. Alban’s to the effort, Stowe said the St. Vincent and the Grenadines group also held a raffle that was drawn at the BBQ.

Patricia Lemaine won the first prize of a 55” Toshiba television, Monique Cunningham, the second prize of a Samsung Galaxy tablet, contributed by the group’s president, Esther DaSilva, and Phillip Richards the third prize of $100 cash, contributed by group member Elitha John. The raffle realize a profit of almost $3,000, Stowe said.

Stowe said she, DaSilva, John and her sister, Viona “Bells” Homer, were the main organizers of the event.

“These ladies decided on the date, produced the tickets, decided on the quantity of food and drinks required, did the shopping, solicited contributions from family and friends, and rallied members, including family and friends, to assist with selling of tickets, preparation of food and work at the actual event,” she said.

“However, assistance and contributions were made by several other members of the Vincentian congregation,” she added. “The unwavering support from family and friends cannot be overlooked as their contribution and hard work ensured a successful BBQ each year.”

A patron, who prefers to remain anonymous, told Caribbean Life afterwards: “Each year, the annual barbecue, hosted by SVG (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) ‘Rally of the Nations,’ gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception.

“The word is being spread,” she said. “Based on the large crowd, I can confidently say that the barbecue was a huge success.

“In addition to the delicious food and treats, everyone looks forward to the soca music and the mingling,” she added. “It’s an atmosphere where the entire family can enjoy a relaxing summer evening.

“Kudos to the coordinators,” the patron continued. “I eagerly look forward to next year’s barbecue.”

Elitha John (L) with Annette Stowe (c) and a group member serving patrons.
Photo by Nelson A. King

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