West bowlers have a huge task

These test matches are very testing for the West Indies playing on foreign soil, but the confidence level of the players were boosted by some excellent batting by some of the West Indies batsmen leading with the experienced Chris Gayle who slammed a record-breaking 333 runs.

How to bowl Sri Lanka? First, it must be understood that the Sri Lankans are playing at home and that they are well aware of their playing conditions than any opposition that visits. Very hostile and consistent fast bowling surely pose a threat to all the Sri Lankan batsmen.

Unfortunately the West Indies team only has one genuine pacer on tour and this is Kemar Roach from Barbados. Roach has no back up at the other end with the same rate of speed. Clearly what has to be done is Dwayne Bravo and Darren Sammy has to share the new ball with Mr. Roach. Too much pressure must not be placed on Roach for if he breaks down or try to do it all he may really get sored. Captain Sammy must be aware of hoe important a variety bowling is into getting the opposition out.

Test Cricket Needs Wicket Takers

Darren Sammy, Kemar Roach and Dwayne Bravo will have to share the new ball. The West Indies captain must play a pivotal role in that he has to bring himself into the attack at surprise occasions and put the opposition in a position of conjecture.

Dwayne Bravo is an intelligent bowler who is always lucky to pick up a wicket at the correct time. Bravo and Sammy can be very effective in short spells taking the pressure of the spinners and Kemar Roach. Being dependent wholly on the spinners can be a big mistake in West Indies management planning.

Good Tacticians

Spinners must take wickets and they have not been chosen to bowl tight and keep the runs down, they have been chosen to pick up wickets. For a perfect example, Shane Warner of Australia was successful because when the captain calls him for duty, he picks up a wicket or more on his first spell. He is sometimes back on and finishes splendidly for his team.

Wrong Theory Of Spinners Wicket

West Indies selectors on tour are running away with the theory that the wickets in Sri Lanka are predominantly a spinner’s wicket. The wickets in Sri Lanka can be good for any bowler who is accurate and who bowls sensibly using the conditions and at the same time capitalizing on the flaws of the batsmen.