WIPA seeks closer ties with new CWI prez

WIPA seeks closer ties with new CWI prez
WIPA President and CEO Wavell Hinds.
Associated Press / Gurinder Osan

West Indies Players Association (WIPA) is anticipating a close working relationship with newly elected Cricket West Indies President, Ricky Skerrit.

This was revealed by WIPA President, Wavell Hinds who said that his task was to ensure the continued improvement of the payers’ well-being and would be working hand in hand with his CWI counterpart to achieve that goal.

The former Jamaica and West Indies player’s remarks came shortly after former team manager Rickey Skerrit and running mate Dr Kishore Shallow defeated the incumbent Jamaican Dave Cameron in the CWI election recently held in Jamaica.

Hinds said it’s a new role and it’s a very big task, the challenges that face West Indies Cricket internally and externally are great and they have a big job to do.

“WIPA is here to try to make sure that we do from a players’ perspective is aligned to the objectives of Cricket West Indies, in trying to be the best team in the world,” he said.

Hinds said WIPA is looking forward to working with the new CWI team.

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