ZARA tenants get 700 turkeys, ham for Thanksgiving

Zara delivers Thanksgiving joy to 700 families in Queens. Zara Realty
Zara delivers Thanksgiving joy to 700 families in Queens.
Zara Realty

Queens-based ZARA Realty, through its ZARA Charitable Foundation, on Nov. 24 concluded the distribution of 700 turkeys and hams to tenants for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

“This represents 450 turkeys and 250 hams, where turkey donations are up 200 from their previous annual commitment,” said ZARA Realty in a statement. “In sum, a total of 700 families received Thanksgiving joy courtesy of ZARA.

“Each year tenants in need contact ZARA seeking extra love for the holidays,” it added. “Instead of making people line up in the cold, ZARA takes reservations on a first come first serve basis, and delivers each turkey or ham to the door of the resident.

“As COVID caused unimaginable personal losses, inflation made a bad situation worse by increasing the price of foodstuffs by at least 6.2 percent,” continued ZARA Realty, attributing the data to the New York Times, “making Thanksgiving less possible for many families on the margin.”

Zara Realty Holdings Corporation Senior Vice President, Guyanese Jay Sobhraj said: “No matter what the times are like, there is always time for love and compassion at ZARA.

“The holidays are especially important for us to remember to help one another and savor the memories made from good times together,” he said.

Vice President Tony Subraj said: “Family values define ZARA. We act on our beliefs to demonstrate our resolve to support our tenants in every aspect of life. ‘

“Inflation costs cannot out price the value of providing warmth and empathy so our residents can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones,” he added.

Brothers Jay Sobhraj, Ken Subraj, and the late George Subraj, who migrated to New York from Guyana, are the founders of Zara Realty.

Zara Realty has grown from operating one building, with 44 units, to 60 complexes, with 5,000 units located throughout Queens and Nassau County.

The family said its various charitable endeavors were born out of Zara’s success, stating that it has fulfilled its mission “to be a force for good, improving the lives of thousands of families.”

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