Ziggy Marley pens first children’s book

Ziggy Marley said he was in his kitchen one day when his three-year-old daughter Judah looked up to him saying “I love you.” The eldest son of Bob and Rita Marley said he looked down and simply responded saying “I Love You Too.”

That simple interchange between parent and child spawned a book devoted to children called “I Love You Too.”

Dedicated to his mother Rita, daughter Judah and sister Cedella, the book amplifies on every page the power of saying the words of endearment and care.

Based on his Emmy-winning song of the same title, the book illustrates graphic images depicting a multi-cultural community, happy occasions, animals, interaction with the elderly, adults, animals and family. Illustrated by Agnieszka Jatkowska the publication adds another title to his long list of achievements since taking the spotlight as a child musician and singer.

Joining his sister Cedella who is reputed for publishing children’s books dedicated to songs inspired by her father, Ziggy’s debut furthers a mission to empower youth as well as demonstrate their innocence and beauty.

Already steeped in humanitarian charities, the Grammy-winning recorder founded Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment (URGE). Already acclaimed for providing support to children in Jamaica and Africa, the charitable organization acts to support education, health, and the environment “in efforts to improve communities where children live and grow.” URGE has donated school supplies and other needy items to many schools. Annually, Ziggy and family members travel to various regions to deliver these supplies. While there they often engage in sports, entertainment and other interactive events that could inspire children.

For more information about URGE, log onto www.urgefoundation.org.