Empowering artwork exhibit to run at children’s museum

Empowering artwork exhibit to run at children’s museum|Empowering artwork exhibit to run at children’s museum|Empowering artwork exhibit to run at children’s museum
Collage with meaning: David Shrobe’s artwork titled “Protector of Mothers,” from 2015. Shrobe will display his new work titled “Meta Modes: New Work,” at the exhibit on July 14.
David Shrobe

Children come out to play and learn about culture and history too.

The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum in Harlem will showcase two exhibits on July 14. The exhibit will display artwork from two artists — work meant to empower and instill pride in children, as an escape from today’s climate that is marred by violence they probably do not understand.

“The exhibit celebrates the human spirit. There’s a lot of confusion in the world right now – but this show will compel you to keep your head up,” said Lauren Kelley, an associate director at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum. “I think children as well as adults, will grow from how encountering this power-filled exhibition is. You’re never too old, or too young to think positively and be inspired.”

The works of artists Shani Peters and David Shrobe will be displayed. Peters’ artwork, “The Crown Futures,” is a thought-provoking piece inspired by children-based workshops at the museum. And Shrobe’s work titled “Meta Modes: New Work,” is inspired by his various interests, including a year’s worth of his art with the museum, according to a museum spokeswoman.

Heart of the neighborhood: The Children’s Sugar Hill Museum in Upper Manhattan.
Michael Palma

“His work is smart and simply beautiful. He is inspired by this community, Buddhism and Afro-futurism, history at large, and what it means to be human,” said Kelley. “This is a very exciting exhibit of all new artwork produced while has has been the Museum’s first artist.”

The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum focuses on art and storytelling, while educating and encouraging children 3-8-year-olds to explore their creativity. This exhibit however will target older children in an effort to raise more conversations.

”Three–year–olds are smart, but 10–13-year–olds were able to engage in a more rich conversation with the artist for this project”

The museum will run Shrobe’s work until Aug. 20, and Peters’ exhibit will run until Dec. 31.

Crowned queen: Silhouette painting of queen Nefertiti, from Shani Peters’ artwork titled “Nefertiti Past,” from her Crown Portrait Series.
Shani Peters

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