Empowering Queens: Small Business Pop-up Resource Network unites community for growth

PopupConnecxion founder,Tivonya Ross.
Photo by Mark Thomas

In an inspiring collaboration, four influential organizations — Pop Up Connexion, Eagles Academy, Jamaica Community Partnership, and Rising Ground Inc. have partnered to launch the inaugural Small Business Pop-up Resource Network event. Led by dynamic Black women, these organizations have a proven track record of positively impacting the residents of Queens.

Scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 24, at Eagle Academy, located at 171-10 Linden Ave., Queens, NY, this event is set to redefine community support for small businesses in Queens. The unique approach of the pop-up event lies in its dedication to building connections between businesses, the communities they serve, nonprofits, and organizations. One of the organizers and founder of PopupConnecxion, Tivonya Ross, emphasized that the event transcends monetary gains. Instead, its primary objective is to shine a spotlight on small businesses that lack a physical storefront.

“This is not just about marketing and sales opportunities. We want to empower individuals who may not have a physical storefront or struggle with technology. Our goal is to provide them with business advice, share knowledge on essential methods like accepting payments, and guide them on presenting their business effectively,” said Ross.

Alexia Myers-Hinds, community organizer of Rising Ground Inc. 
Alexia Myers-Hinds, community organizer of Rising Ground Inc. Photo by Alexia Myers-Hinds

The Small Business Pop-up Resource Network goes beyond a traditional resource fair; it is a platform for meaningful engagement. Attendees can expect insightful sessions covering small business programs, shedding light on opportunities for growth and sustainability. Additionally, the event is set to provide tangible giveaways, enhancing the practical support offered to local businesses, according to Alexia Myers-Hinds, community organizer Rising Ground Inc.

For these three impactful organizations, collaboration is not a new concept. Having previously worked together on various initiatives, they bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to community welfare. “We’ve worked together before, but this event holds a special significance as it directly addresses the needs of our local businesses,” Myers-Hinds added.

Jennifer Delatour, director of Jamaica Community Partnership.
Jennifer Delatour, director of Jamaica Community Partnership. Photo by Roger Archer/Phaats Photos

To foster inclusivity and community engagement, the event is free of charge and open to the public. Jennifer Delatour, director of Jamaica Community Partnership believes that by eliminating entry fees, they can maximize accessibility and ensure that a wide range of organizations can participate, contributing to the overall success of the event. The emphasis is on knowledge as a valuable currency, recognizing that empowering businesses with information can have a profound impact.

“We don’t want to limit people’s access with a fee, so this event is free. We want to make sure that the community benefits in a significant way. There’s tremendous value in knowledge,” she added.

Businesses that are interested in being a part of this event are required to pay a reduced fee of $75. The event promises diverse small businesses covering various sectors, including food, clothing, skin care, and healthcare. Attendees can expect not only opportunities to explore and support local businesses but also activities tailored for children, creating a family-friendly environment.

Attendees can anticipate a vibrant mix of entertainment and engaging speaking sessions at the event. Notably, former cast member Waltz from VH1’s Black Ink Crew New York will be in attendance, adding a touch of excitement. The lineup includes guest speaker John Johnson, a dedicated youth and community activist.

For additional information and event registration, please visit [theconnecxionnetwork.com] or call 516-800-2296. You can also follow @popupconnecxion on Instagram.